Endumeni Municipality rescues Ntanzi family

Tears of joy were shared by Mama Ntanzi when the eNdumeni Mayor Cllr S.R Mbatha, the Disaster management team and the local business owners Soqhaka & Sons with The Lan visited the family in Sunshine area where harsh wind destroyed their home.

The local businesses along with the Mayor and eNdumeni Disaster Management officials intervened in the family with donating with building materials for the roof, clothes, blankets and food parcels.

Mama Ntanzi, single parent bursting in tears said she truly greatful for all the contributions that she and her family have received and added that it will significantly assist her while she is waiting building her house.  

The eNdumeni Mayor Cllr S. Richard Mbatha expressed gratitude to all individuals who landed their hand in assisting the Ntanzi family.

“I really appreciate all the contributions that were done to ensure that Mama Ntanzi have a stable home with her family and I hope that we can work together in the near future and help others in bettering their livelihoods,” Mbatha added.

The mayor further encouraged the local business owners to continue in further contribute in social interventions in ensuring that the lives of the poverty stricken families are enhanced for the better.

The Ntanzi family was discovered by the eNdumeni Disaster Management after the harsh wind greatly affected the Sunshine area. 

Sfundo from Soqhaka & Sons also attributed that he was touched by the situation of the family and thereafter decided to assist.

“With the little that we have contributed will indeed make a great impact to assist the family and I urge the local businesses to stand together and assist those who are in need,” he alluded.

The Endumeni Local Municipality pledges to those who can further assist the family with other material can contact the Disaster office on 034 212 2121

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