Endumeni’s Unrecognised Heroines

When it is women’s month most people only remember to show admiration and acknowledgement to women who have done great things for themselves. And there is nothing inappropriate regarding singing praises to women who are entrepreneurs and who have step-up their education game , however, we need to also remember to uplift the name of women who diligently sweep our streets, clean our parks, those who don’t shy away from picking up a spade and work amongst men.

Endumeni Municipality is of those municipalities who have such women among their staff, women who we consider great because of the excellence they are able to show in little these things that nobody notices. Without these women we would not be living in such pollution free environment, therefore Endumeni municipality saw it fitting that these women should be praised and appreciated as they are playing a very vital role in the community.

These brave women who are doing these jobs which are often not given enough appreciation and respect should be considered as heroes for their good work. Because it should be borne into our minds that some of these women if not most are breadwinners at their homes and every time we are passing them on the street holding a broom, holding a spade sweating, we should remember that they are brightening a future of some kid they left at home.

Featured woman as the first lady to work in collecting refuse

The municipality is encouraging these women to hold their heads up high and know that their role in the community is visible no matter how other people might overlook at it.


Nelley Patricia Sithole began her working career at Endumeni municipality as a temporary worker in 2004 collecting refuse under the sanitation section. She was later appointed to assist in driving duties in the refuse section. She therefore took the job hands on as the first woman to drive a compactor vehicle. She is currently working with her male counterpart as a supervisor in the sanitation.

“I really enjoy my job and I fully encourage and mentor other women to work constructively in this section.”

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