Endumeni Disaster Management intervenes

hetho from the communication unit and Lucky Mathambo from disaster were captured busy putting the tent in Sindisiwe’s yard as her temporary shelter.

Endumeni Local Municipality Disaster Management once again lands a hand to families that lost their houses during strong wind, rain and thunderstorm on the 7th of December 2015.

The strong wind, thunderstorm and rain contributed to a death of a 39 year old man who was hit/ struck by the lighting at iNkosi Sithole Village. Even though there were other houses that did not directly report in the municipal offices, there were some households that were partially affected by the incident.

One in particular is Sindisiwe Cebekhulu whose house was demolished by the storm, Miss Cebekhulu’s house was ripped apart, the roof was torn and she had nowhere to go with her three children, but with the assistance from Endumeni Disaster Management Department, the family was amongst those families who received tents, and blankets.

Furthermore, Endumeni Disaster Management Department also installed lighting conductors/rod to most household which were hit by the lightning in order to prevent the lightning.  The lightning conductor/rod is a metal pole that draws lightning electrical charge away from the structure. With that said, the conductor carry reduces the risk of fire or heat damage from the lightning strike.

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